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BCS GSA PSS - Professional Services Schedule Information

Our Professional Services Schedule (PSS) provides the Federal Government with a fast and efficient procurement vehicle to obtain BCS services. The PSS schedule is available to all Federal Government agencies and covers the following four Special Item Numbers: C871-1 Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities, C871-2 Concept Development & Requirements Analysis, C874-1 Integrated Consulting Services, and C874-7 Integrated Business Program Support Services. BCS' GSA PSS Pricelist can be found here.

The Federal Supply Service Home Page (http://www.gsa.gov/schedules) contains information regarding PSS and the GSA Advantage program. Additional BCS PSS Schedule information follows:

Prime Contractor BCS, Incorporated
BCS Point of Contact Kenneth W. Boras 410-997-7778 ext. 212
Contract Title Professional Services Schedule (PSS)
Contract Number GS-00F-258CA
Period of Performance August 26, 2015 thru August 25, 2020
Contract Scope
  • C871-1 Strategic Planning for Technology Programs/Activities
  • C871-2 Concept Development & Requirements Analysis
  • C874-1 Integrated Consulting Services
  • C874-7 Integrated Business Program Support Services
Labor Categories
  • Project Manager
  • Economist
  • Communication Specialist
  • Computer Services
  • Database Design Analyst
  • Graphic Artist
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Professional Business Specialist
  • Programming Analyst
  • Training Specialist
  • Engineer
  • Scientist
  • Systems Engineer
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Technical Research Analyst
  • Administrative Support
  • Quality Analyst
  • Research Analyst
GSA-PSS Price List Click here for GSA-PSS Price List.
Authorized Users All Federal Government Organizations
Maximum Order $1,000,000.00
Minimum Order $100.00
Geographic Coverage Domestic and Overseas
Quantity Discounts None Offered
Credit Card Government Commercial Credit Card accepted
FOB Point Destination

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