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February 2010

BCS Presents at Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days

In February, BCS Staff were invited to present two sessions at the annual Rocky Mountain Oracle Users Group Training Days event in Denver, Colorado. The first session was titled Agile Methods and Data Warehousing: How to Deliver Faster. This talk looked at the principles behind the Agile Manifesto, and how they can be applied in the context of a data warehouse project. The goal was to present methods to get a more rapid delivery of portions of an enterprise data warehouse architecture and thus ensure more successful project delivery. The second session was titled Data Design Reviews: Using Extreme Humiliation to Ensure Quality Data Models. It presented a tongue-in-cheek discussion of a step-by-step process that any organization could adopt for executing a thorough data model and database design review process.

Also in February, BCS Staff were invited to present Agile Methods and Data Warehousing: How to Deliver Faster to the Portland Chapter of the DAMA (Data Management International). Companies such as Intel and WebMD Health attended and indicated their intention to adopt some of the approaches that were discussed in the talk.

February 2010

BCS Designs and Installs Energy Monitoring Systems at Fort Jackson

BCS recently completed the design and installation of four energy monitoring systems at Fort Jackson near Columbia, South Carolina. These data logging systems are being used to determine the difference in energy efficiency between standard aluminum coils and copper coils in commercial air handling units. The data will be collected over multiple years to determine the energy efficiency characteristics of each type of coil. The systems BCS developed have to be able to monitor air pressure, temperature, and humidity at various locations in the air handling unit, along with water temperature and flow rate across each unit’s coil. The data collection also has to be accomplished remotely because of limited available access to Fort Jackson. The system BCS compiled is capable of logging the necessary data over the period of a week. Each week BCS transmits the data via cellular telemetry to a computer in its Arvada, Colorado office, where the data is analyzed.

February 2010

BCS Receives Award for Technical and Programmatic Support Services from Oak Ridge National Laboratory

BCS is providing Technical and Programmatic Support to UT-Battelle Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). These activities support ORNL’s work related to research, development and deployment (RD&D) funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Industrial technologies Program (ITP), Office of Biomass Program (OBP) and other EERE programs. Through these activities, BCS is providing ORNL with the support needed to help shape a clean energy future for the United States.

January 2010

BCS Awarded Contract to Assist Oak Ridge National Laboratory with Implementation of Save Energy Now

BCS was selected to work directly with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Industrial Technologies Program as part of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Team. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory Team is a five-member collaborative that includes Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Rutgers University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, FCS Consulting, and BCS, Incorporated. The Team was selected to integrate and coordinate technical assistance offered through the Save Energy Now program with ITP’s broader mission and activities. The Team will provide support in technical assistance, plant assessment delivery, project implementation, and technology delivery. BCS is playing an integral part in the communications, outreach, and partnership activities.

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