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BCS assists its clients in developing sustainable business strategies and aligning them with the organizations’ capabilities and structures to help ensure that they achieve better results. We do this by walking them through a strategic planning process that assesses the current state of their organization; establishes objectives and goals for where they want to go; and identifies the changes required by leadership, supervisors, and employees to be successful in what they’re setting out to accomplish. Effective implementation is key to success, and we employ a proven approach for monitoring and evaluating progress, and making adjustments to strategy as needed.


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Strategic Planning Support

Client: U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Bioenergy Technologies Office (BETO)

Project: Strategic Plan for a Thriving and Sustainable Bioeconomy

Our Support: BCS supported BETO in developing a strategic plan with a vision for 2040. The effort was a multistage, iterative endeavor that incorporated inputs from stakeholders from industry, academia, nongovernmental organizations, and other federal agencies, as well as the office’s findings since it last published a strategic plan roughly 20 years ago. BCS assisted BETO in managing the overall planning effort to develop a shared understanding of current challenges, identify opportunities for the future, and foster a shared sense of purpose. To achieve these goals, BCS planned, organized, and executed focus group meetings to identify, review, and evaluate market, policy, and other drivers that affect BETO’s activities and efforts. BCS also facilitated a “visioning” meeting with BETO staff, national laboratory representatives, and other industry stakeholders to craft BETO’s vision for 2040, based on reports from the focus group meetings and dedicated plenary and breakout sessions.

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