best in class solutions

We offer collaborative support services focused on YOUR success.


Our clients perform critical services to advance the competitiveness and security of our nation, and we help them do it.

BCS understands how to manage the complexities of large programs and has demonstrated experience developing and implementing strategies, methods, processes, and tools that produce the desired results.

Program Management & Business Support

Communications & Stakeholder Engagement

BCS recognizes the critical role communication plays in achieving agency, program, project, and mission success, and we work closely with our clients to develop and implement strategies, messaging, materials, and tools that resonate with stakeholders.

Systems Engineering & Technical Support

BCS provides its clients with a variety of services rooted in the thoughtful evaluation and study of data to facilitate decision-making.

Strategic Analysis & Organization Performance

BCS assists its clients in developing sustainable business strategies and aligning them with the organizations’ capabilities and structures to help ensure that they achieve better results.


BCS is a minority-owned small business. The BCS team brings decades of experience providing first-class support to clients from federal and state government, national laboratories, and the private sector. We work closely and collaboratively with each and every one to design and implement successful, results-driven solutions.

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