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Managed Evaluation and Reporting Integrated Toolkit (Merit)

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The federal government spends billions of dollars on basic and applied research each year. To ensure proper stewardship of these taxpayer dollars, the government requires regular peer review of research projects by independent subject matter experts. To help ensure reviews are transparent, consistent, and an effective use of the time invested by reviewers, principal investigators, and federal program staff, BCS leverages its Managed Evaluation and Reporting Integrated Toolkit (MERIT) as well as an experienced staff who specialize in implementing rigorous review processes. MERIT, a proprietary web-based peer review tool, assists clients in managing and executing project- and program-level peer reviews by consolidating independent reviewer comments and scores, sharing relevant files, and managing process logistics.

MERIT allows clients to:

  • Actively manage multiple project reviews in a single application

  • Customize branding, evaluation forms, and scoring rubrics

  • Share any files or links that could support an improved review process, including full schedule details, templates, or strategic plans 

  • Access project files (e.g., presentations and abstracts), project data, and reviewer comments 

  • Export comprehensive review content into customized reports, complete with score analysis.

MERIT allows presenters to:

  • Manage their own presentation, abstract, and supporting documentation uploads 

  • Access their individual reviews and scores

  • Respond to reviewer comments and questions.

MERIT allows reviewers to:

  • Access all assigned presentations, abstracts, and program materials in advance of the review

  • Track review progress and note any potential conflicts of interest

  • Submit review comments and scores within a centralized and easy-to-navigate system.

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